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Site Last Modified: 20 February, 2009

A Referendum Handbook is  provided by the Governor's Office for Local Government Services. Although somewhat limited, we do have recourse if our Supervisors do not adequately reflect the needs of the voters.

Lower Nazareth Township (New in 09) Open Records Policy
Record Request Form (New in 09)

2007 Township Fee Schedule
2008 Township Fee Schedule
2009 Township Fee Schedule


Traffic Impact Fees  - Ordinance 161 and Associated Map

E-911 False Alarm Ordinance Update (#182-12-05)

Landlord Reporting Ordinance (#190-08-02)

Ordinance for Truck Route Restrictions on Specific Public Roads (LNT-21-08)

Ordinance Creating Position of Township Manager (LNT-142)


Lower Nazareth Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) (7.5MB)

EOP Template (256K)  Basically the same thing, but add Lower Nazareth wherever it calls for location.


IDI Conditional Use Approval (7.3MB)
Porsche Letter Complaining About Conditions Imposed Upon IDI
Brown Letter (Property Owner) Complaining About Conditions Imposed On IDI

LNT Proposed Block Watch

LNT Block Watch (Crime Watch) Organization and Structure. (Includes Volunteer Application)


2007 Budget Information

2007 Township Budget Overview
2007 Township Line Item Budget
Resolution Setting Twp. Mgr.s Salary TR-0107
LNT_35_07 Moving Money to Cover Overuns

2007 Financial Audit - Dated Dec. 31, 2007 (Finalized Nov. 5, 2008)


2008 Budget Information

Twp. Mgr. Budget Intro (Nov. 14, 2007)
Preliminary 2008 Budget (includes year-to-date  2007 Actual vs. Budget)
Revised 2008 Draft Budget (includes 1 Mill Tax Increase, Does not include any actual 2007 numbers)
LNT 40 08 Moving Money Between Capital Accounts
Resolution Setting Twp. Mgr.s Salary LNT_01_08

Original (1988) Twp. Pension Plan TR_9_88
New (2008) Twp Pension Plan LNT_1308


2009 Budget Information

Twp. Mgr. Budget Draft 09 (Nov. 5 2008)
2009 Budget (Approved)
Resolution Setting Twp. Mgr.s Salary LNT 01 09


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