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Zoning Ordinance

Lower Nazareth Township Citizens Forum

Township of Lower Nazareth Northampton County

Zoning Ordinances
as adopted by the Lower Nazareth Township Board of Supervisors
November 28, 2001

Index and Introduction

Article I General Provisions and Administration (984KB)

Articles (1.8MB)

    II - Definitions
    III Districts (defined)

Articles (888KB)

    IV Agricultural District
    V Low Density Residential Development
    VI Medium Low Density Residential Development
    VII - Medium Density Residential Development
    VIII Neighborhood Commercial District

Articles (832kb)

    IX General Commercial District
    X Planned Industrial Commercial District
    XI Light Industrial Campus District
    XII General Industrial District

Articles (1.3MB)

    XIII Conservation and Recreation District
    XIV General Regulations

Articles (2.3MB)

    XV Additional Requirements for Specific Uses

Articles (1.6MB)

    XVI - Environmental Protection
    XVII Off Street Parking and Loading

Articles (1.8MB)

    XVIII - Signs
    XIX Office Park District
    XX Cluster Development

Maps Two pages, will identify which areas are not residential.  To identify specific types of industrial zones, the color map which can be viewed at the Township Offices must be consulted. (2.6MB)


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