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Traffic Study for the  Proposed warehouses on Hanoverville Rd. Please note, the traffic study does NOT take into account traffic that will be generated by the impending opening of the two warehouses already built. (This  is approx. a 3MB Adobe PDF file and is best viewed if you download it and read locally.) A point of interest, current traffic volume is approximately  250 vehicles per hour, these warehouses will add an ADDITIONAL 593 vehicles per  hour.

New Traffic Study submitted by Greenfield Development to support their case. This was conducted a  fully operational warehouse site and indicates half the traffic presented in the original case. However, the tenants are primarily UPS, Pepsi etc... and  generate very little tractor trailer traffic. The supervisors questioned this aspect of the study.

Township Engineer's Letter of Comment regarding traffic impact concerns in regard to the Greenfield Development proposed  warehouses.

Township Manager's recommendation for Conditons of Use re: Greenfield Development (the warehosues on Hanoverville Road.)

Transcript of the Conditional Use Hearing for Greenfield Development's warehouses.

Lower NazarethTownship 2006 Budget:

Letter to BOS from Township Manager
2006 Budget Summary
2006 Line Items

Three  Conditional Use Hearings for May 24, 2006 BOS Meeting

Compendium of “anti-idling” laws regarding Diesel trucks:

11/05/2008 the Board reduced the Traffic Impact fees for Greenfield Development in exchange for improvements to the intersection of Hanoverville Rd. & Keystone Drive.  LNT-33-08

Bethlehem Township Zoning Ordinance


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