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  1. In search of MONEY our Board of Supervisors and Township Mgr. have allowed us to virtually become a warehousing district.  More warehouses are going in, see recent News articles for the most recent additions. What do we hear at the Supervisors Meetings? - “There’s not much we can do.” - No, not now, but the Zoning Ordinances COULD have been changed upon the receipt of the first plan for a warehouse, but that would limit revenue wouldn’t it? Here’s an excerpt from Bethlehem Township’s Ordinance, this should have been implemented here.

    So it’s too late to close the barn door but we could still implement an anti-idling ordinance. See Other Documents for copies of the anti-idling laws that have been implemented around the country to combat pollution (diesel fumes and noise) from idling tractor trailers. Why should you care? Diesel engines endanger public health here’s a primer on diesel pollution and its effect on your health. Here’s a little more regarding the impact large concentrations of diesel tractor trailers can have on you and your children. Morning Call article regarding exercise and pollution.
  2. Can’t say for sure what prompted this commendable behavior, as it has been acceptable for the last three years; but Supervisor Eric Nagle voted against appointing fellow Supervisor Patrick Murphy to the $60,250 position of Twp. Roadmaster, stating he didn’t think it was in the best interest of the Township to have a Supervisor also on the Township payroll.  Robert Kuscan also voted against the appointment although he provided no comments.

    The Chairman, Mr. Dilsaver noted Lower Nazareth has some of the finest roads in the Lehigh Valley (where does he drive?) and questioned their ‘no’ votes. Neither Supervisor would change their vote, nor should they. The Morning Call article available here.
  3. No Response: Our township Government in action, but for who? Here are just a couple examples that have been brought to light; what else is hidden from view? During the courtesy of the floor period of the meeting (08-22-2007), township resident Tim Rister addressed the Board requesting an explanation or comments as to why he received No Response from the township to a certified letter he sent regarding purported dangerous activities taking place in the township.  Not only did he receive No Response, there is no mention of the letter in any of the Board Minutes under the “Correspondence” section.  After a lengthy description of what he had included in the certified letter, the Board thanked him for his comments. That’s right - No answers, No explanations yet alone an apology, not even any comments from the Board. Mr. Rister need not feel alone:

    One Palmer Twp. citizen, Charles T. Brown Jr., sent two letters to the Board of Supervisors which have not been recognized at any Board Mtgs. In the First letter he requests the Board to require an Environmental Impact Study from IDI before proceeding with the Conditional Use Hearing for new warehouses and volunteers to supply several hundred signatures on a petition if necessary; in the Second letter Mr. Brown provides his credentials and implores the Board of Supervisors to respond (preferably in the affirmative, but at least respond.)

    And it’s not just citizens that get the cold shoulder, J.D. Malone reporting on a proposed Wawa had this to say “Township officials did not return several phone calls and an e-mail requesting comment.” in this - Express Times article

    Anyone else see a pattern here?
  4. The Colonial Police have joined in implementing a Neighborhood Crime Watch organization.  Volunteers are needed for specific neighborhoods. Lower Nazareth Township residents interested in joining the Neighborhood Watch program can contact Joe Fresco at LNTcrimewatch@aol.com or 610-837-3446.

    The group will meet at 7 p.m. on the fourth Friday of each month at the Lower Nazareth Municipal Building, 306 Butztown Road. You can read the Organization proposal as well as download an application form here.
  5. At the January 23rd, 2008 Board of Supervisors Meeting, the Board approved the Township’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) prepared and submitted by the Township Manager.  You can read it under Other Documents, it’s 7.5MB - don’t open it unless you just want some entertainment with your morning coffee.  If you’re in a hurry, open the EOP Template, it’s only 256K and looks almost identical, oh well it doesn’t have the words Lower Nazareth Township printed out, but if you can mentally substitute Lower Nazareth Township every time you see “City/Borough/Town/Township of” you’ll be fine. And yes, the approved copy is every bit as generic as the template.
  6. At the BOS Mtg. of 11/19/2008 during the Managers Report, Mr. Tenges expressed his displeasure with this site as well as the LNTCF Blog. You can read the minutes of that meeting in Scheduled Meetings tab, or swing over to the Blog, see my comments and let me know what you think. (The Blog allows anonymous posting)
  7. The traffic ordinance restricting truck traffic on some local roads was approved. Following is from the 07/16/08 meeting/Solicitors report:

    Traffic Restriction Ordinance - # 195-07-08 - Mr. Kortze’s review letters dated June 11,2008 for Truck Restrictions on Hollo Road, Georgetown Road, Hanoverville Road and Steuben Road; as well as a July 7, 2008 review letter for Parking Restrictions on Keystone Drive support this ordinance; therefore they should be attached to the ordinance. In addition, the penalty is now a $50 fine for all posted restrictions. Solicitor Asteak added that although the ordinance goes into effect immediately, it is not enforceable until the appropriate traffic control devices are erected.
  8. Long overdue Pension changes - How about more then DOUBLING the Township employee pensions? Yep, that was long overdue.  Here’s the original plan, now take a look at the new plan.  At a time when the economy is slowing and we are already spending more then we are taking in - this just doesn’t seem reasonable to me.

    Consider this, Fortune 500 companies that have already frozen one or more of their pension plans include 3M, Alcoa, DuPont, I.B.M., Nortel, Northrop Grumman, Verizon and Whirlpool, among others. (Source New York Times 11/19/2008)
  9. Article on township web sites in The Morning Call - CobWebs and a more complete review at News Over Coffee (this is also the best site to keep up with the activities of our local school board.)

    Colonial Regional Police (CRPD) are requesting a local ordinance to permit them to issue citations on private property.
  10. Minutes of 03/12/08 and 04/09/08 posted. List of roads tentatively scheduled for micro-surfacing click here.  At the 04/23/08 BOS Meeting the Twp. Mgr. requested and received Board Authorization to advertise for Full-depth reclamation of a group of township roads. Twp. Manager advised the Board “....a Lot of roads need a LOT of work” and it’s going to be very expensive. (despite Mr. Dilsaver’s earlier proclamation that Lower Nazareth has some of the finest roads in the Lehigh Valley)

    Tenges asked for a vote to move the Pension funds. Mr. Murphy asked what the advantages were, basically none except Timm likes these two guys. It appears that the rates and fees for Philadelphia Trust Co, are higher, but Felcheck and Spangler (spelling?) were willing to match the fee schedule at National Penn (formerly KNBT) to get the business. A motion authorizing the move of funds failed with Mr. Kucsan and Mr. Nagle voting to move the money, and Mr. Murphy and Mr. Dilsaver voting against. Mr. Johnson was absent.
  11. 04/09/2008 BOS Mtg.- The conditional Use Hearing, CU 2008-01, for First Industrial (see Express Times Article for info on project and location) was deferred at the request of First Industrial until the August 6th meeting. Bowling Alley and Warehouse - what kind of combination is that?

    During Managers Comments, Tim Tenges stated he wanted to move the Townships pension assets from National Penn (formerly KNBT) to Philadelphia Trust Co.  He stated he wasn’t asking the Supervisors for a decision tonight, was just giving a heads up. Felcheck and Spangler (spelling?) of Philadelphia Trust Co. gave Tenges a presentation and he said he liked it.  Tenges did not provide any information about the presentation or benefits/risks to the Township of making the change. Maybe he will before the Supervisors vote on it?

    Under Courtesy of the Floor the Supervisors heard from the Corvette Club of Easton who were represented by Mr. Charles Gordon. Basically the Corvette Club has been holding “Cruise Nights” for the past eleven years at Northampton Crossings without incident; with all proceeds going to Camelot for Children (a great charity) until the township staff told them they couldn’t anymore. That is unless they wanted to move to the Burger King parking lot and cut the show in half.  The Supervisors thanked them for coming and noted Camelot for Kids is a good charity (but they took no action nor made any recommendations) after Tenges said it’s not for the Board to decide, it’s a zoning issue.
  12. IDI wants to go to court, apparently they are not satisfied with the conditions imposed which would limit the damages they could inflict on the lives of township residents. Reported in the Morning Call
  13. First Industrial LLC seeks Conditional Use approval to establish a Planned Business Development for a three-lot subdivision, specifically retail/hotel/restaurant  with a warehouse/distribution use to the rear of the  property; the development is proposed along Route 248. A Conditional Use Hearing has been scheduled for the April 9, 2008 LNT Board of Supervisor’s Meeting. (See the Legal Notice Here.)
  14. Not everyone’s happy about the conditions imposed on the IDI warehouse project. The Supervisors received two letters complaining about the conditions; one from the property owner (selling to IDI) and one from Porsche (buying from IDI ??) The letters were read in to the record, but the Board took no action at this time.
  15. 02/27/2008 BOS Meeting the Board approved the IDI Warehouses bordering Palmer Twp.  However, they imposed conditions that would minimize the impact on the adjoining residential neighborhoods. See the Morning Call and Express Times articles for details.  Minutes (unapproved here)

    The IDI Conditional Approval available now.

    The Township manager (Timm Tenges) has hired a pension consultant to make some “long overdue” changes. He will report the results to the Board at a later date. And Supervisor Patrick Murphy wants to restrict firearms. (Looking for attention? Read the minutes)
  16. Board of Supervisor’s Meeting was brief Dec. 5, 2007.  The 2008 Budget was approved with no discussion or questions. The numbers kind of surprised me, I did a little comparison with Upper Nazareth Township’s 2008 budget. It’s an interesting read.  Head over to the Blog to see and comment. For a quick peek how we compare to Upper Nazareth Township view this: Compare


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