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The purpose of this site is to provide a forum for disseminating information on issues affecting residents of Lower Nazareth Township.

The Citizens Blog is located at:  http://forum.lowernazareth.org (this is where you can directly add comments on the issues)

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Current Activities & Issues

  1. Well itís taken a few years, but Lower Nazareth Township has finally implemented their new Web Site - and itís pretty damn nice. Is it perfect -  no, but few sites are. One of the major capabilities missing is the site is not yet searchable (mine wasnít either until recently.)  The Express Times article is available here.

    Timm Tenges and Kelly Sullivan are aware of this and it is on their To Do List.

    The site is easy to navigate and they have included for download or viewing: Agendas, Meeting Minutes and most Township forms. Not that you are likely to need it (since almost everything is already available on line) but you can make your document requests electronically.

    As a result, sometime in the not to distant future I will be shutting down my web site (http://lowernazareth.org) but do plan to keep the Blog (http://forum.lowernazareth.org) going. I will keep the web site up for a while in case there is any info available that isnít on the Twp. site.
  2. January 5th 2009 was the Board of Supervisors Reorganization meeting. All appointments, salaries and the meeting schedule for 2009 were determined at this meeting.  Minutes and Organization Assignments available after the January 14th 2009 BOS Meeting. Twp. Managerís Salary increase for 2009 approved. See Other Documents 2009 Budget Items. Meeting Schedules is updated and can be seen here; Scheduled Holidays here.
  3. As approved, there is No Tax Increase in the 2009 LNT budget the millage will remain 4.15.  It is available on the Other Documents page, see Budget 09.  The Draft Budget also includes info on the Library budget and Colonial Regional Police budget.

    Lower Nazareth Township has a completely new website pending (Iím assured it is imminent), but in the interim they have added a Record Request Form to their old website(Now you donít have to run down to the Twp. Offices to fill out the form prior to receiving copies of what you need, you can use the online form.)
  4. New meeting minutes and documents are now searchable.  In the past they were PDF files but were in image format. They are now created with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and generate actual text based files. Occasionally it will generate a typo, please be tolerant.

    (Many of these items duplicated on the Blog site where you can add a comment)

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